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The origianal and most powerful EMF protection and body balancing products for a calmer and less stressful life

For Every Force In The
Universe There Is An Equal And
Opposite Force


The Answer to counterforce are the Amazing Diode Products

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Simply the BEST in EMF Protection!

Ener-G-Polari-T Products have been providing EMF protection using our exclusive formulation and manufacturing process since 1964  We have been leading the industry in both Safety and Effectiveness using all Natural products. Ener-G-Polari-T Products is the inventer of the original Diode and still the BEST! 

Personal Protection

The Personal diode corrects, balances and amplifies your energy field to live in a more stress free environment. 

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The Circuit Breaker Diode protects the environment inside your home or office from emf stressors. 

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The Cell Phone Diodes are safe and effective with protection through the 5-G Spectrum. 

For over 50 years, the ORIGINAL and MOST POWERFUL EMF protection and body balancing products for a calmer and less stressful life.

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Our mission

We strive to bring you the highest quality products on the market. We keep updating our Formula to accommodate the new technologies. Our products are handmade with loving care in Arizona


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