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The Diode Formula alters the EMF frequency
to a more harmonious energy

Ener-G-Polari-T Products intensive research is working with the Electrochemical-Biomagnetic and Psychoenergetic force fields of the human body, and how they relate to and interact with the different EMF frequencies in relationship to our health and environment.

The Electrochemical force field is the chemical reactors in the body that make up and start the battery of the body. We are hooked up all through our body with positive and negative charges.

The Biomagnetic field is the expression of the body’s battery.

The Psychoenergetic field is the tie to the bio-computer (your brain)that connects all the bodily functions.

You need to have a balance of all three of the energy force fields to achieve and promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit. The human body is basically a solid-state transistorized, computer-operated elechemical device over and above that it has a soul.

All living matter is electrochemical in nature. A person’s cells produce and are dependent upon the normal flow of subtle ectrical and biomagnetic energy. These energies create energy fields around and through a person’s body that can be measured with Kirlian photography and electron acupuncture machines (i.e. Voll, BodyScan machines)

A person’s energy field continually interacts with nature and man-made energy fields in the environment. Harmonious energy fields have been shown to enhance health, whereas chaotic fields may impair a person’s health. Some people are more sensitive to these energies than others.

Chaotic electrical and magnetic fields are common today. They are produced by electromagnetic fields, (EMF’s) extremely low frequencies (ELF), radio frequency (RF) and 5G frequencies. Some of these frequencies are caused from power lines, house wiring, radar and microwave towers, televisions and computers, laptops, microwave ovens, cell phones, wireless and high tech devices.

We have all heard many reports on television, online articles, newspapers and in magazines how harmful electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) are to our health and well being.

Subtle energy is constantly swirling in around and through the human body whether or not you are aware of them. These energies can be measured electronically and some people can feel them directly. Our research has been studying the energy fields around the body and their relationship to health.

In 1964 Wayne Cook, the founder of the Diode named the products “The Diode” because the dictionary defines a diode as a device with a two element electron tube or semiconductor through which a current can pass in only one direction and is used esp: as a rectifier. 

The natural Diodes energy current moves in one direction which is all positive, is in a solid –state and acts as a rectifier by keeping the body’s energy in balance. The Diode corrects, filters, realigns, stabilizes, and helps restore the body’s energy to it’s natural state and balance to bring increase harmony to promote a healthy energy field.

Avoiding chaotic electrical fields is the best thing to do. When avoidance isn’t possible, technology to neutralize, counteract and balance energy fields around the body can be a blessing.

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The Diode is not a hologram, sticker, or magnet and does not have any Radoinic frequencies. We have a proprietary positive monopole formula that is made up of non toxic ingredients. Our process with the formula restructures and realigns the formula’s natural ingredients at the molecular level and moves them into a higher energy frequency. The Diode formula will change an oscillating or negative energy pattern to a positive energy by joining with the positive energy of the oscillation pushing the negative energy off center and forcing the electrons causing the oscillation to spin out into an outer shell and disappear.

Our research has shown that man-made EMF frequencies have a negative or oscillating frequency. Negative energy is a left hand spin of energy and an oscillating energy is like a figure eight (8) spin of energy. Mostly EMF’s produce an oscillating energy pattern it’s a back and forth positive to negative energy, this is a disruptive energy frequency. What is considered healthy is the right hand spin of energy which is all positive. What the Diode formula is doing is changing the spin of energy of the EMF’s to one of harmonious energy frequencies.

The Diode Formula is altering the EMF frequency to a more harmonious energy that is working with and protecting the body’s energy field. Sometimes this frequency connot be detected or measered with EMF meters.  

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The Diode technology emits different natural energy frequencies to counteract the negative toxic energies and stressors we are exposed to daily by creating a harmonious effect on the human body. The Diode is molded into different shapes and forms to be worn on the body or placed on a device.

For every force in the universe there is an equal and opposite force, “counterforce”. The Diode is our counterforce for counteracting low level radiation from electromagnetic fields.

When the energy fields or electrical system are blocked or out of their orbital patterns, you are open to dis-ease of all kinds from physiological to psychological problems. The Diode works by holding the electrical system in balance. When the electromagnetic fields are passing through the body they are altering or blocking your electrical system. 

The Diode is giving our electrical system an extra boost to hold your energies in balance just like a big brother/sister would do by giving you an extra helping hand.

The Diodes protective effect extends eighteen inches from the body into the aura. The Diode works to sustain one’s proper energy level by maintaining the polarities of the body. The positive and negative charges inherent in the atomic structure of our own electrochemical system thereby holding the body in its correct frequency or hertz.

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Ener-G-Polari-t products is constantly testing and improving its products through research and product development to ensure the highest quality and validity of our claims to our products performance. Ener-G-Polari-T products under goes independent testing performed in “real-life” situations to test our products effectiveness.

We are the original manufacturer of the Diodes while other companies have tried to duplicate our Diode products without success. These imitations have been checked and rechecked and have been proven ineffective.

Each product produced by Ener-G-Polari-T Products is checked for their effectiveness before it is approved for manufacturing.

Our products have been tested on the sophisticated German Voll Dermatron Machine and the BodyScan Machine with excellent results. These machines measure the flow of energy along your body meridians. The Diodes have been tested using Live Red Blood Cell testing, using live blood to see how it responds to electronic devices that emit EMF radiation, Thermal Imaging, Aura Imaging and also using Kinesiology. Over the years our Diode products have been recommended by medical doctors, dentist, holistic doctors, and health food stores worldwide.

The Diode Formula Never Wears Out!


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There are four things you can do to promote a healthy body.

  1. Positive Thinking
  2. Nutritional food (fuels the electrical system) and are the chemical reactors of the body
  3. Exercise - Brings up the deep conflict energy in the body so it can be released
  4. Wear a Diode that will protect-rectify-stablize the body's energies.

What Do People Feel When Wearing the Amizing Diode
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