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For over 50 years, the original and most powerful EMF protection and body balancing products for a calmer and less stressful life.

Cell Phone Diode Neutralizes Harmful EMF's

Cell Phone/Multi Purpose Diode

The natural Cell Phone/Multi Purpose Diode when placed on your cell phone or high technology device, the energy frequency of the harmful EMF’s being emitted are neutralized.

Mini Diode for Small Devices

Mini Diode

Ener-G-Polari-T Products is bringing back the super powerful ½” diameter Mini Diode that can be attached to high technology devices. Makes it convenient to use the newest technology devices and stay protected from wireless, digital and 5G frequencies.

CP1 Diode for Personal Carry

Classic Power 1" Diode

Our newest addition to the Diode line is the “Classic Power 1” that was formally known as the Slim Diode. The CP1 Diode has been enhanced by our new 5G Diode frequencies that gives you coverage from all EMF’s, 5G, wireless, and digital frequencies.

Versatile Diode Balances the Body's Energies

Versatile Diode

The best EMF personal protection is our Versatile Diode. The harmonious energy frequencies stabilize, balance and energize the body’s energy.

Circuit Breaker Diode Balances Electrical System EMF's

Circuit Breaker Diode

The solution to counteracting the negative frequencies from the electrical wiring is neutralizing the energy of the electromagnetic frequency with the Circuit Breaker Diode.

Dio-Mid for Home or Office


Protect yourself from outside frequencies and stressors coming into your home from cell towers, power lines WiFi and other outside frequencies it will also keep your body energies in balance while inside your home.

Dio-Pad - A Soft Flexible Pad with Our  Diode Formula

1/2" Dio Pad

Sit back and let the Dio-Pad start working for you, a soft flexible pad with the benefits of our Amazing Diode Formula. It is made of non-toxic, natural ingredients that bring and hold the body’s energies in balance so you will feel calm and more relaxed.

New and Improved Diode Transmutation Plaque

Medium Transmutation Plaque

The Diode Transmutation Plaque still has the same design and technology but a different process for the Diode Formula. The Diode Transmutation Plaque has a cork finish with the Diode Formula on the back of the Plaque. You can now use either side of the Plaque to transmute any product.

A Beautiful Pendant for Powerful Personal Protection

Crystal Diode Pendant

These Diode Crystal Pendants are chunky and beautiful. Each Diode Crystal Pendant is unique. The Diode Formula has been placed on the top of the Crystal Pendant. The Crystal magnifies the effects of the Diode Formula and amplifies the vortex energies of the body.

Black Onyx Pyramid Power Pendent for Style and Protection

Black Onyx Pyramid Power Pendant

The Black Onyx Pyramid Power Pendant will provide a shield against the EMF’s and negative energies you are exposed to daily. The Black Onyx Pyramid energies will help with maintaining the body’s energy field and stamina.

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We strive to bring you the highest quality products on the market. We keep updating our Formula to accommodate the new technologies. Our products are handmade with loving care in Arizona


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