Black Onyx Pyramid Power Pendant

Ener-G-Polari-T is always updating our Diode formula to address the increasing exposure to the toxic technology in our environment.

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Black Onyx Pyramid Power Pendant size 1 3/8” in length .
Chain Included

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A Beautiful Pyramid Pendant for Powerful Personal Protection

The cells in the body vibrate at different frequencies depending on your health. When wearing the Black Onyx Pyramid Power Pendant your body will begin to resonate with the positive frequencies of the Black Onyx Pyramid. The Diode Formula helps the body to realign all your meridians and harmonizing the energy field.

The Black Onyx Pyramid Power Pendant will provide a shield against the EMF’s and negative energies you are exposed to daily. The Black Onyx Pyramid energies will help with maintaining the body’s energy field and stamina.

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The apex design, shape of the Pendant with the Diode formula will bring balance and harmony to the body. The Black Onyx Pendant has a slightly imprinted square G design to add additional energy frequencies. The Diode Formula awakens the Black Onyx Pyramid Power Pendant to it’s positive attributes and protective properties.

The amazing Diode Formula is placed on the back of the pendant to magnify the vibrational frequencies of the natural stone.

The Black Onyx Pyramid measures about 1 3/8” and comes with 18” gold filled chain. Can be replaced with any chain you prefer.

Pendant can be worn as a necklace or can be carried in your pocket. If carrying in your pocket please place pendant in a pouch to protect it from scratches.

Formulated for balancing your energy fields by neutralizing harmful EMF's

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  • Gives your body protection from EMF's
  • Increase energy
  • Reduces stress

Placement of Pendent

Wear the pendant in the middle of the body to be picked up by the vortex energies. By moving the pendant up or down the center of the body (by changing the length of the chain) you will find your most comfortable placement of the pendant. You may use any chain you prefer.

Care of the Diode

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