Cell Phone / Multi Purpose Diode

Ener-G-Polari-T is always updating our Diode formula to address the increasing exposure to the toxic technology in our environment.

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Cell Phone/Multi Purpose Diode size  1" round

Powerful Cell Phone and Multi Purpose Protection

The natural Cell Phone/Multi Purpose Diode when placed on your cell phone or high technology device, the energy frequency of the harmful EMF’s being emitted are neutralized.

The harmful energy frequency will be changed to a more harmonious energy that will not harm or affect the polarities (energies) of the human body.

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Your body’s electrical system can be disrupted by the microwave pulses emitted from a cell phone or from any wireless/electrical device that emits EMFs. The Cell Phone Diode is not another magnet, button or sticker. Our Diode is made with all natural ingredients in the USA and will create a protective shield of energy that is working with and supporting the body’s electrical system, helping to keep it in balance, as well as counteracts the harmful EMFs.

Our Cell Phone/ Multi Purpose Diode Formula also maintains a harmonious flow of positive energy through your energy pathways and down into the cellular level of your body. Our customers have experienced less stress and more energy due to the balancing and stabilizing effects of the Amazing Diode.

The Cell Phone/Multi Purpose Diode has been tested for its effectiveness. Works on all cell phones.

Formulated for protection from 5G

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When our Cell Phone/Multi Purpose is placed on any high tech equipment it will neutralize the harmful effects of the EMF’s and create a harmonious energy that is compatible with your energy.

The Cell Phone Diode Works well on these devices

Electrical Devices:

  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Washing Machines / Dryers
  • Computers
  • Microwaves
  • Office Equipment
  • Toys
  • DVD / Blu-Ray / 4k Players
  • Cordless Phones
  • Televisions

Wireless Devices:

  • Keyboards / Mouse
  • Routers / Modems
  • Laptops / Notebooks
  • Tablets / e-Books
  • Radio Receivers
  • Microphones
  • Media Streaming Systems
  • Cordless Telephone Headsets
  • Remotes
  • Smart Television

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