Home and Office EMF Protection

EMF’s are in your every day world bombarding you with harmful electricity in your home, office and automobile.

Electromagnetic radiation can pass through walls and floors. Even when your sleep you, your family and pets are being affected from these invisible electromagnetic frequencies 24/7.

The harmful effects of EMF’s generates and extends far beyond the wires and appliances. Our products are beneficial for families, pets and people who are electro sensitive or suffering from chronic stress, headaches, and anxiety. Our products sheild the negative effects of EMF’s. Every devise that uses electricity produces some level of EMF radiation. The more electricity that is involved the stronger the EMF’s will be.

We offer the Circuit Breaker Diode for the home and office. They are the solution to counter act negative effects of electrical wiring sheilding the electromagnetic fields. With our products you can have the benefits of a stress free environment.

Each product line addresses ways to clear and protect you from electromagnetic fields. The Circuit Breaker Diode will neutralize harmful energy coming through your electrical wiring and appliances.

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