DIO-MID Transmitter for Larger Area EMF Protection

DIO-MID Transmitter for Larger Area EMF Protection


Maximum Protection for the Home or Office

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The world’s most effective protection from Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) is our registered U.S. Patent Dio-Mid

Protect yourself from outside frequencies and stressors coming into your home from cell towers, power lines WiFi and other outside frequencies.

Protects area from:

  • Geopathic stress
  • Low-level radiation
  • High-tension power lines
  • Microwave signals
  • Cell phone signals
  • Harrp

The Dio-Mid is a non-electric, solid state positive energy transmitter for therapeutic balance and wellness purposes, namely, used to rectify and broadcast a positive energy field 60 yards in all directions to protect the body from outside low level electromagnetic radiation (EMFs).

Our Diode technology is in the base of the Dio-Mid Transmitter. The energy from the Diode formula is brought up and broadcast out with the double apex pyramid patent design. The Dio-Mid will put everything in its correct vibratory resonance. It does not have to be oriented to true North/South directions.

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The Dio-Mid

Places a Protective Shield around your environment

    • Combines pyramid energy with the multiple natural frequencies contained in the Diode Formula

Stabilizes body energy within the Dio-Mid broadcasting perimeter

Protects an entire area from low-level radiation produced by high tension power lines, microwaves and cell phone signals

Broadcasts its own vortex energy 60 yards in all directions

Dio-Mid energy penetrates walls

Dio-Mid is approximately 2 feet high

The Dio-Mid must have a 3 foot clearance from any obstruction. It takes 15 minutes for the Dio-Mid to start broadcasting its vortex energy.

When the Dio-Mid is used within the correct guidelines, it will give you years of protection.

The Dio-Mid is custom made, once your order is placed with the order department at (800) 593-6374), you will be contacted by email that your order was received. Estimated delivery date from the time the order is place will be about 3 to 4 weeks before it is shipped. Your credit card will not be charge till the day it’s ready to ship.

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