Mystery Diode Jewelry Grab Bag


Mystery Diode Jewelry Grab Bag


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Mystery Diode Jewelry Grab Bag has the same frequencies as our other Diodes except for a slight flaw. The Diode Jewelry works with the body energies by keeping your energies in balance.

The Diode Jewelry products are valued from $60.00 to $85.00 each, now available at $45.00. Each Mystery Grab Bag will have two products inside.

May Include:

Cooper Diode Bracelet
Black Onyx Triangle Diode Pendant
Infinity Diode Jade Pendant
Tear Drop Crystal Diode Pendant
3D Natural Stone Diode Pendant

Please note some pendants may come with or without a chain.

The Mystery Grab Bags have been pre packaged. It’s a mystery what each bag will have inside.

Mystery Grab Bags are non-returnable.

Only one Grab Bag per customer.