Universal Truths, Unlocking the Secrets to Energy Healing

Universal Truths, Unlocking the Secrets to Energy Healing


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By Wayne and Wanda cook

“Universe Truths” explains the universe as it relates to the energy of the human body and to all things.

Includes topics such as:

  • Research into the electrochemical, biomagnetic and psychoenergetic force fields of the human body and how they relate to the atomic electromagnetic structure of the universe.
  • Unlocking the secrets to energy healing.
  • Answers to the many mysteries of water dowsing.
  • What effects minerals have on the human body
  • Exercises for optimum health.
  • Information about the Ener-G-Polari-T Amazing Diode.

About the Authors:

Wanda Cook continues to carry on the research and product line that she and her late husband, Wayne Cook, were so devoted to. Wanda is President of Ener-G-Polari-T Products, Inc. and Center of Divine Energy. She is one of the foremost authorities on universal energies and their relationship and effect on the human body.

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