Dr. Jack Ritchason, ND, PHD, ID - California

I have personally encountered many similar devices some costing hundreds of dollars – that claim to do what Ener-G-Polari-T Diodes did and still do. I have done comparison testing on all of them.  I have never found anything that can compete with Ener-G-Polari-T Products.

Linda - California

Thank you, The Dio-Pad arrived the day before we left for Hawaii. You’re right – NO JET LAG. I also fell more rested and refreshed when I sleep with them. I do not experience car fatigue when I drive. I carry one with me in the grocery store where the fluorescent lights are really enervating. I sit on them in the office under fluorescent lights and in front of the computer I am better using the Dio-Pad, and tired if I don’t.

Kara - Virginia

I was in a car accident a few years ago and suffered a head injury. I found that whenever I used my cell phone, I had severe pain in my head and stomach. As soon as my Cell Phone Diode arrived, I put it on my phone, and for the first time, I could use my cell phone without  any pain whatsoever!

Linda - Illinois

It really works! My mood and feelings are less adverse now from wearing the Diode.

David B

I was tested for radiation levels and found that all my radiation levels were high. My doctor recommended using Diodes on my equipment and Diodes on my body. I followed his directions and returned for testing, my radiation levels have all dropped. I have been using the Diodes on my monitor and desktop computers. I feel the Diodes are a must to ANYONE who works near or around computers and monitors.

Robert D

Thank you very much for the Diode products you sent. I have found them very helpful. The Dio-Mid has been very stabilizing influence on my environment since I got it and it continues to bring balance, in a world which can be so chaotic or pointed. I wanted to let you know I like these products and thank for them.

Dr Delbert Blair

Just a thank you for your wonderful research and products. Thank you also for your continued respect and courtesy! May the creator continue to bless you and your's!