Testing the Diode’s EMF Protection Effectiveness

Testing the Diode’s EMF Protection Effectiveness

Diode Testing and More Testing

Ener-G-Polari-T Products is constantly testing and improving its products through research and product development. This is to ensure the highest quality and the validity of our claims to our products’ performance, Ener-G-Polari-T Products undergoes independent testing performed in “real-life” situations to test our products’ effectiveness.

We have a secret process with our Diode Formula that alters the structure of the Formula ingredients and moves them to a higher energy frequency. Sometimes this frequency can not be detected, or measured in the hertz frequency spectrum.

The Diode Formula restructures and realigns non-toxic natural ingredients at the molecular level, creating a harmonious effect on the human body and will also counteract harmful EMFs.

Our products are tested on the sophisticated German Voll Dermatron Machine and the BodyScan Machine with excellent results. These machines measure the flow of energy along your body meridians. The Diode has also been tested using Thermal Imaging, a test that measures and records heat emissions, Live Red Blood Cell testing, using live blood to see how it responds to electronic devices that emit EMF radiation and by using kinesiology.

Thermal Imaging Test of the Cell Phone Diode

Acclimatization period to establish base energy and cell phone initially put to ear
Cell phone without Diode, 4 minutes into testing. The red and yellow coloring indicates heat stress to the skin cells from exposure to EMF’s exerted from the use of the cell phone.
Cell phone with Diode, 4 minutes and 30 seconds into testing. Individual’s thermal imaging readings have dropped significantly. Cell Phone Diode has reduced heat stress to the skin cells.

Diode Testing Results: Live Red Blood Cell Testing

Conclusion: By using live blood testing they found with no Diode protection applied to the cell phone, laptop or I-Pod the blood clumps together, which interferes with the delivery of oxygen. When the Diode was applied to the Cell Phone, Laptop and I-Pod in every case the test subject’s blood showed no negative effects caused by exposure to electromagnetic field radiation.

Thermal Imaging Testing of Cell Phone Diodes

Studied Cell Phone Diode effectiveness in blocking EMF heat emissions.

Conclusion: Thermal imaging shows that heat emissions were BLOCKED with the use of the Cell-Phone Diode google.com

Research Study of Computer Operator

EMF Testing Computer Operators with Ener-G-Polari-T Diodes

Studied the Diode as a counterforce for low-level electromagnetic field radiation from visual display terminals and measured response through both Applied Kinesiology testing (muscle testing) and EAV (electro-acupuncture by Voll).

Conclusion: Through muscle testing, all participants tested WEAK without Diodes and STRONG with Diodes in place. Through EAV testing, each participant displayed an indicator drop without the Diodes and a normal value with the Diodes in place.

Spectra Vision BodyScan Test

Studied the effects of Ener-G-Polari-T’s Dio-Mid, Cell Phone Diode and Versatile Diode on a crew of six telephone company employees who worked under cell tower sites, and who wore or carried a cell phone daily. Each person was exposed to a large amount of radiation daily. Each person was provided with a Cell Phone Diode for their cell phone and a Versatile Diode to wear. One Dio-Mid was placed at their worksite. The meridians of the six employees were measured by using a Spectra Vision BodyScan in Single Channel EAV (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll) Mode just before using the products. After six weeks of using the products the crew of six was again retested measuring their body meridians.

Conclusion: Testing of the body meridians show overall improvements in all body systems. At the start of this trial the crew of six showed inflammation (or stress) responses in the majority of their body meridians with degeneration and toxicity in a few of them. By the end of this trial period with exposure to the Cell Phone Diode, Versatile Diode and Dio-Mid (working/living in a remediate and beneficially polarized energy field). The majority of the meridians came into the balance range. This is a reflection of the organs and body systems being in balance.

Study of Participant Response to Diode Usage BodyScan System

The BodyScan system measures subtle energy changes in the body using Galvanic Skin Responses and Total Body Responses with multi-phasic measuring methods.

Conclusion: Upon all occasions, the study found that the Diode products provided beneficial changes within the body meridian system, with marked improvement on the Governing Vessel, Triple Warmer, and in a protocol to measure spin or polarity of the body. Results show these devices make a positive correction to those who have chronic exposure to EMF radiation.

Simple Muscle Testing

Muscle testing allows a person to identify changes in muscle and energy facilitation-inhibition patterns due to exposure from environmental stress. Conclusion: Muscle testing at home can be accomplished by having the person to be tested stand with their right arm fully extended (face to face). A second person applies a gentle force with a pressure to the top of the right arm and tries to push the arm down as the individual resists. The arm should remain strong. This test will give you a base energy. Next, have the person hold an item with EMF frequencies in the left hand without a diode. Test again using the same procedure. The individual will test weak (less resistance in the arm). Finally, have the person hold a Diode in the left hand with the item to be tested and test again. The individual will test strong (more resistance in the arm). Some individuals are more sensitive to EMFs than others and may require more protection for extra use two Diodes instead of one. Muscle testing can help individuals determine personal sensitivities. Applied Kinesiology, or muscle testing, is the most subjective of the tests available because the results are impacted by the energy flows of both individuals. The individual conducting the testing must be running a correct energy pattern to get a true and accurate result. It is recommended that the individual doing the testing wear a Diode and the individual being tested should not wear a diode for the initial test.