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Discover the History of Our EMF Protection Products

Ener-G-Polari-T Products, was founded in 1964 by Wayne Cook,

who discovered the "Energy Force Fields" around the human body and their relationship to health and EMF frequencies. We have been in business for over 50 years.

Wayne Cook

Wayne Cook, who spent his career researching the electrochemical, biomagnetic, and psychoenergetic force fields around the human body and their relationship to health and our environment. Wayne found a person needs to have a balance of all three energy force fields to achieve and keep optimum health.

Wayne was invited to bring his research, he discovered to Stanford University’s Department of Material Science and Engineering from 1972 to 1975. Through Wayne's research, he developed a method of enhancing the body’s natural bioelectrical field, thereby counteracting and neutralizing the negative effects produced by random electromagnetic field radiation. Ener-G-Polari-T Products is the result of Wayne’s research. He was the first to develop the product known as the “Diode” a device for counteracting the harmful effects of low-level electromagnetic radiation.

Wherever Wayne spoke he opened with this message “orthodox science is involved in searching for a modicum of truth in a maze of human error, while a nature researcher is involved in searching for a modicum of error in a maze of Universal Truths”. Wayne considered himself a natural scientist.

Wayne Cook
Wayne Cook 1910–1985

Wayne gave seminars, personal appearances at the National Health Federation Conventions, health food stores, healing centers, colleges, institutions, organizations, and clubs. He was in newspapers, on radio, and  television, anywhere he had an audience to listen to his message about water dowsing and his research on the harmful electromagnetic fields and their effect on the human body and our health. Wayne was considered to be the best in the water dowsing business. He developed a theory  that accounts for an abundant natural, underground arterial water system that exists throughout the world today. This water system is similar to the human body's blood system, processing a related cleansing and filtering mechanism that consists of arteries, veins, capillaries, and vats. 

Nancy, Wayne’s beautiful half coyote/German Shepherd dog was always by his side during his lectures and personal appearances. They were inseparable.

Wayne’s thirty-three years of devotion and ceaseless research into the practical applications of Universal Truths have enlightened and enriched the lives of so many.

Wayne believed that Universal Truths are for sharing, and so a friend of his, George Van Tassel, gave him this poem. Wayne felt this poem says it all concerning our planet.

Message from the “Golden Destiny”
Oh man, the strife you face is your creation in ignoring my laws of nature, you have polluted my waters of life.

My breath, the atmosphere, is mixed with the gases of greed. I need not suffer, or pay the price.

You roll the dice in a losing gamble where I have the odds.

I made the game of life.

The rules are mine.

Each act now planned to clean up your mess is blessed not by me, but by your masters of ignorance and greed.

You cannot succeed because you expect to profit by the process of the cleansing.

So I am forced to upset your ways, by my law of reciprocation, and wash the face of my planet clean again.

Wanda Cook

Wanda Cook
Wanda Cook

Wanda incorporated Ener-G-Polari-T Products in 1996 and continues to carry on the research and product line that she and her late husband, Wayne Cook, were so devoted to. Wanda is currently President of Ener-G-Polari-T, Inc.and Center of Divine Energy. She is one of the foremost authorities on universal energies and their relationship and effect on the human body.

She has hosted a radio talk show and has been a speaker at many National Health Shows over the years. Wanda is a consultant and expert in the energy field. Wanda and Wayne wrote a book on their work and research “Universal Truths”.  Wanda has written many articles on the health effects of electromagnetic fields that have appeared in Health Consciousness and Explore magazines.


All of our products are tested by independent testing labs and experts in the field. Random testing is continued to guarantee you receive the most effective products available on the market. Each Diode product is individually made with loving care in Arizona.