Why YOU NEED Personal Diode EMF Protection

Why YOU NEED Personal Diode EMF Protection

In our high technology environment today you are surrounded and bombarded by many different EMF’s signals and frequencies, think of it as a spider web.  

Some of these frequencies are caused from cell towers, cell phones, televisions, computer, laptops, WiFi, high power tension lines and other high-tech electronic devices.  

Your body energies go out of balance when exposed to “Conflict Energy” or negative energy. When your body energies are out of balance you can not relate to your environment, spiritually, physically or mentally. This has an effect on your sleeping and total Well-being.  

Our Personal Diodes work, see how the Diode Works, when you place them on the left side of the body or center of the body to correct the energy pattern flow by neutralizing, balancing and stabilizing the negative spin of energy to bring the body back into balance.

The Personal Diodes are like a big brother/sister giving you an extra helping hand, by keeping your electrical system in balance. Your electrical system is your natural protector and keeps the body functional.

You can choose from several Personal Diode products

Versatile Diode would be for people working or exposed to high technology devices, computers, laptops, WiFi or even in a office environment. The Versatile Diode is the top of the line for our Personal Diode Protection. Classic One Diode is recommended for copper or metal sensitive people. It has the strength of the Versatile Diode but does not have a copper back for those individuals who are metal sensitive.