Versatile Diode Personal 5G EMF Protection

Versatile Diode Personal 5G EMF Protection



Formulated for Personal 5G Protection
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The Most Powerful Maximum Personal EMF Radiation Neutralizer

Versatile Personal Diode

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Versatile Diode size 1 1/2″ round

To help promote the body’s ability to heal itself naturally is by keeping your body’s energy field in balance. Your body’s energy is your natural protector and keeps the body functional.

Versatile Diode, the Most Powerful Personal Protection from All EMF Sources.

The best EMF personal protection is our Versatile Diode. The harmonious energy frequencies are picked up by the body’s electrical system (meridians of the body), to stabilize, balance and energize the body’s energy. The Versatile Diode shields the body from harmful electromagnetic fields that you are exposed to daily.

The Versatile Diode not only is a natural shield for the body from EMF’s, ELF’s, RF, and 5G frequencies , but it also harmonizes with your own body’s energy field. You can take steps to protect yourself by wearing the Versatile Diode to bring back your body’s natural defense by keeping the body’s meridians in balance. By wearing the Versatile Diode you will feel less stress in your daily life. When the body is in balance you have a healthy body, mind and spirit.

With the new 5G frequencies now more than ever it is important to keep your body’s energy in balance. The Versatile Diode harmonious energy joins with your own natural energy to protect you from harmful EMF’s. Your shield of energy extends 18” into the aura from the body. Your body is like a sponge it absorbs all different energy frequencies. It is extremely important now to keep the body’s energies in balance especially from the 5G frequencies that is bombarding our environment. When the body is out of balance it is open to dis-ease of all kinds from physiological, psychological problems.

We recommend using the Versatile Diode if you are exposed to an office environment, high tech devices or working on the computer for many hours at a time. You will notice that when you are working on your computer all day you will not be as fatigue as you used to.

When going through certain areas of 5G frequencies some people have reported unusual experiences after 30 minutes of exposure, such as their head itching or hair loss.

The Versatile Diode never wears out or loses its effectiveness.

Personal Use: Wear the Versatile Diode on the left side of the body.

The Versatile Diode offers the highest EMF personal protection from the 5G frequencies, wireless and all EMF’s frequencies. The 1 1/2″ Copper Disk magnifies the effects of our highly concentrated Diode Formula.

The Diode Formula is generating on a different energy frequency than an EMF meter can detect. Ener-G-Polari-T products are working with the body’s energies and can be checked by Kinesiology.

The earth friendly Versatile Diode, is proudly made in the U.S.A..